In the middle of July, 325 people (middle and high school students along with their leaders) descended upon Hidden Acres Camp for a week of fun and connection to God. Hidden Acres is a more traditional, rustic camp with a lake, horses, climbing tower, and zip line all nestled in a beautiful wooded setting. We even took the “old school” camp idea one step further and went completely electronics free for the week. No phones, social media, selfies, or status updates at all. Just us, God, and each other. We had a blast! Students filled the altar area during the worship times each evening. They lifted their hands, worshiped, and cried out to God for more of His Spirit. Morning workshops on the characteristics of God often ran late as students continued to ask questions during the Q&A times. A couple of the workshops were about the calling of God to ministry. Specifically, how you know if God is calling you and how to nurture that calling. Many students identified that a ministry calling may be a part of their future and asked for help with confirmation and next steps. The students at camp were certainly not passive or disinterested but rather fully engaged in connecting with God and each other.