MVP’s in the Church

You may think I am referring to Most Valuable Person in the church, but I am not. The most valuable person(s) in the church would be God Himself – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is a subject for another day. MVP in this sense is Most Volunteer Persons, which is how most of the churches in the world are sustained on a weekly basis.

As I travel, I often cringe inside when someone asks me what I do – not out of embarrassment, but out of the challenge of explaining what I do. So I will often say, “I work for the largest global volunteer organization in the world.” Then, of course, they ask what organization that is. The emphasis is on volunteers. It has been my privilege to serve as a volunteer and paid staff in the Church. I have also had the privilege of pastoring four churches with limited budgets, three of which had multi-staff who were paid, but all four of them sustained by the strength and life of a whole cadre of wonderful volunteers.

While I love and serve the pastors in our region, many churches have proven the strength of their volunteers in a pastoral transition or crisis. Literally every ministry of the church requires volunteers – children, youth, worship, women, men, small groups, greeters, ushers, etc. You name the area of ministry and you will find the great asset of volunteers that accomplish the mission of the ministry.

Ed Stetzer is one of the leaders I enjoy reading and I have included one of his recent articles The Importance of Volunteer Leaders in the Church. Pastors and paid staff members in the church need to remember that volunteers are the backbone of our church’s workforce. We need to continually equip, encourage, and elevate our volunteers. They are all gifts of God sacrificially serving Christ and His church.


Bruce A. Pfadenhauer, Central Region Director

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Pastor Kurtis and Natalia Rupe welcomed their daughter, Gabriella Grace, into the world on July 22, 2021! Pastor Kurtis is the Youth Pastor at First Church of the Open Bible, Des Moines, IA.  Welcome to our world little Gabriella!