October 2021 News

We had a wonderful GATHERING in Lake Geneva, WI!  There were many compliments on the location so we will try to return to this property in the future.  We presented the restructuring results at the business meeting and announced our three key initiatives for the next decade: NOW Healthy Churches NEXT Generation Leaders NEW [...]

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September 2021 News

It was our first summer back at camp post pandemic, and although it may have been smaller in size than years passed, it in no way took away from the impact camp had on this next generation! This was also our first year with back-to-back camps, and we’re happy to [...]

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August 2021 News

MVP’s in the Church You may think I am referring to Most Valuable Person in the church, but I am not. The most valuable person(s) in the church would be God Himself - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is a subject for another day. MVP in this sense is Most Volunteer Persons, which [...]

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July 2021 News

Gather & Scatter Recently I was asked to speak at one of our churches and I inquired of the pastor if there was a desired topic or text to include in the message. The response was brief but focused – carrying out the Great Commission and/or Hebrews 10:25 since we have 10-30% in-person attendance. [...]

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June 2021 News

REGIONAL RESTRUCTURE In last month’s newsletter I outlined the process our regional leadership team went through to develop a new strategic plan for the next decade of ministry. We will give concentrated focus to the following three ministry initiatives: NOW Healthy Churches NEXT Generation Leaders NEW Church Plants We are committed to adjust our [...]

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Restructuring Updates

RESTRUCTURING UPDATES A couple of days ago we communicated with you about our restructuring plan for Central Region. Our regional board has been meeting in Des Moines this week and we would like to share some important updates. NEW REGIONAL BOARD We have redrawn district boundaries for the State of Iowa which moves [...]

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May 2021

STRATEGIC PLANNING AND RESTRUCTURING At my request, the Central Region Board engaged in a strategic planning process in November 2019. This was due to the approaching completion of our Destination 2020 strategic plan and my 10 years of service as regional director. We wanted to pursue the next decade of regional ministry with a [...]

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