In the unfolding of the birth of Jesus Christ, there were a series of hard, humble, holy, helpful, and hopeful things along the journey. I am spending devotional time this month thinking of all the ways those specific details impacted the overall story. In the unfolding of your personal story, you will find a series of hard, humble, holy, helpful, and hopeful things as well. As your story continues to be written, take some time to consider the awesome hand of God in His story and gratefully glance at your own and marvel at God’s amazing hand in your life!

Blessings on you and yours,

Bruce Pfadenhauer, Central Region Director

COACHING COHORT- Preaching The STORY in 2022

Dr. Jim Brewer, senior leader at Hope Church, Bentonville, AR, has many years of preaching and coaching experience.  He is offering to assist a cohort of pastors in mapping out the entire preaching year and invites you to be part of The Story. What is The Story? It is a 31-chapter book, “The Bible as one continuing story of God and His people.”  You will preach the major themes of the entire Bible in one year. Your church people will read a chapter each week of The Story and understand the big picture of God’s redemption. Think about this, your church understands the major themes of the Bible in one year! This is a powerful tool in developing disciples. The Story is written as a narrative in a chronological format. It is authored by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. There are a number of free resources on their website at

How does it work? Simply email Pastor Jim at by December 10th and he will meet online with the cohort on Tuesday, December 14th from 10-11 AM to get you prepared to launch your preaching calendar in 2022. Space is limited, so email Jim today! There is no cost for you to be in this preaching cohort! FREE! Here is what you can look forward to:

  • You will receive idea resources every two months in advance of Sunday preaching. These are to help in your study and sermon preparation.
  • Connect with other pastors preaching The Story. Share ideas for the upcoming sermons and give updates from sermons already preached. This online meeting will be held every other month on the second Tuesday from 10-11 AM.
  • You will receive monthly preaching articles emailed directly to you. The goal is to develop and grow your communication skills.
  • You have an option for positive sermon development input, you can request and receive individual coaching and personal support in the skills of homiletics.
  • One year preaching calendar that includes weekly sermons, special occasions, and you can custom fit it for your church.

Let’s team up together, grow with each other, and bring discipleship to our churches preaching The Story in 2022. Space is limited! Please contact Pastor Jim Brewer by December 10th.


Clyde Neil Hunsaker, father of Pastor Will Hunsaker, Clear Lake, IA, and grandfather of Missionary Travis Hunsaker, Mexico, passed away on Thursday, November 18 at home surrounded by his family. Click here to view his obituary.