As we begin a new year, what are you considering in 2022? Some will think more cautiously while others will think of throwing caution to the wind. Let me share something worth your consideration! Recently, I was listening to a Richard Hammar webinar in order to keep up with finance and tax law changes for churches. He closed the webinar with a challenge from the book On Consideration by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux in 1150 AD.  He wrote it to Pope Eugene, III. He addressed many of the complex responsibilities that a pope needs to know in order to carry out a healthy life and ministry. One of the chapters is titled, THE POPE SHOULD NOT BE SO ABSORBED IN OTHER MEN’S AFFAIRS AS TO NEGLECT HIMSELF.

To the men and women of God who serve the Church, I would offer the same challenge to you. While we have a high and holy calling from God to serve the Church, make sure you are taking care of yourself. This is a similar word that Paul gave to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:7,16. We are to prioritize our spiritual disciplines and growth so that we have a full tank in order to pour into others. As you begin 2022, make sure you give priority to your own spiritual life and soul care! When you are at your best, the ministry that flows from you will be more powerful and authentic.

Cheering you on to NOW Healthy Churches, NEXT Generation Leaders, and NEW Church Plants!

Bruce A. Pfadenhauer, Central Region Director

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