A couple of days ago we communicated with you about our restructuring plan for Central Region. Our regional board has been meeting in Des Moines this week and we would like to share some important updates.

We have redrawn district boundaries for the State of Iowa which moves us to 5 districts in Central Region. This results in a reconfiguration of our board. Here are the new regional board members:

Bruce Pfadenhauer, Regional Director
Andy Hansen, Illinois/Wisconsin District Director
Jaccie Kenyon, NE Iowa/Minnesota District Director
Doug Harris, SE Iowa District Director
Randy Richards, South District
Chad Cummings, W Iowa District Director
Nicole Miller, At-Large Member
Ricardo Ponce, At-Large Member
Spencer Keroff, Global Missions Representative
Darrick Young, National Board Representative

We will be devoting the region’s ministry focus to the following three areas:

  • NOW Healthy Churches
  • NEXT Generation Leaders
  • NEW Church Plants

To be most effective in leading these areas, we believe it is critical to have key leaders who will be responsible for leading each of these initiatives:

NOW Healthy Churches- team led by Bruce Pfadenhauer, Regional Director
Bruce has led this area for the previous decade through our coaching network and our church health consultation weekends for local churches. Our coaching pathway is being reconstructed and church health materials are being rewritten for a launch this fall.

NEXT Generation Leaders- team led by Ben and Lola Carlson
Student Ministries has long been valued in our region which includes Kids Camp, Youth Camp, Breakaway, and Youth Leader Development. We are putting a new name on this focus and appointing a couple to lead this area of ministry. Ben Carlson is the senior pastor and Lola is the worship leader at our church in Lacon, IL. Prior to coming to Central Region, Ben led youth ministry for 12 years in Colorado. Lola was trained in worship ministry and together they make a great ministry team. Ben and Lola will continue serving in Lacon, IL and will officially begin serving as regional staff effective June 1, 2021. Kevin Starkey will work with them to ensure that a smooth transition takes place.

NEW Church Plants- team led by Kevin Starkey, Church Planting Director
Kevin has been wearing multiple hats for the past 18 months but it is time to allow him to focus on his primary target- church planters and church plants. Over the next few months Kevin will build his team, prepare our strategies, and train coaches for church planters.