Open Bible Central is part of Open Bible Churches, an international association of churches and credentialed ministers who are committed to a Bible-based, Spirit-filled life. Open Bible Church’s mission is “making disciples, developing leaders, and planting churches.”

Open Bible Central extends to nine states in the central part of the continental United States. We resource and serve affiliated churches and credentialed ministers. Our vision is developed around three main strategies- the Heart of the Leader, the Health of the Church, and the Harvest of Communities. We believe these will help us address our missional objectives and fulfill the commission Jesus gave us.

Open Bible Central has outlined the following metrics by which we will measure the progress of our vision through the year 2020.

Building our BUILDERS

Goal: 75% of our active credentialed ministers engaged in coaching

The Heart of the Leader

Building Our Builders

Leadership development is our foundational strategy which is vital to accomplishing the next two strategies. God calls leaders to be lifelong learners through personal mentoring, continuing education, and accountability so we can go to the next level.

Building our BENCH

The Health of the Church

Building Our Bench

Church staff recruiting provides opportunity to invest in local leaders by moving them from volunteers to employees and providing remuneration with either a stipend or salary.  Church revitalization provides a health assessment for the church with a plan to move to greater health and harvest.

Goal: 100 new compensated ministry positions in our churches

Building our BASE

Goal: 100 affiliated churches

The Harvest of Communities

Building Our Base

Church planting is about multiplying our mission beyond our current territory. We are building a multiplication movement that will move people and resources to the areas where God opens the doors for strategic kingdom advancement through planters, parents, and partners.