It is an exciting time in the church planting department in Central Region! There is almost too much to talk about. So far this year…

  • I have had the opportunity to be a part of a church planting think tank along with directors from forty-two otherdenominations. The focus is to strategize future planting models for younger Millennial and Gen-Z leaders to maximize impact in their generation. This is an externally funded effort getting ready for beta testing. The fruit of this group should impact future planting in Central Region.
  • Central Region partnered with Pacific and East Regions for a Discernment Center. This is a four-day intensive time where prospective planters can confirm their calling while further developing plant strategy.
  • We partnered with East & South-East Regions to host many prospective and current church plants at the Exponential Conference. Exponential is the world’s largest church planting conference attended by over 5,000 multiplication and ministry leaders. In addition to all they learned at the conference, Open Bible planters grow in relationship with each other. These relationships are invaluable for long-term success.
  • Partnering again with East & Pacific Regions, a cohort of planters began meeting monthly for training, encouragement, and prayer. The lessons learned from this group will help strengthen future church-planting efforts nationwide.

There are many more amazing things I can talk about. Our existing plants have been experiencing God’s grace as they develop launch teams, look for facilities, connect with the community, begin new services, and share the Good News. In June, more will be shared about planting victories and challenges at the Church Planting Luncheon at the Open Bible National Convention. Hope to see you there!

Kevin Starkey

Church Planting Director


Just a reminder that Bruce and Robin Pfadenhauer are on sabbatical March 1 through April 9, 2023. They will return to the office on Monday, April 10. To fully maximize their sabbatical, they will NOT BE AVAILABLE for any ministry or job-related matters in person, by phone, email, or messaging. If you have a concern or need, please contact the office staff at 515-282-6491 or at the following:

Kimberly Veenstra        319-329-9261 (after hours)

Kevin Starkey                  515-202-8776 (after hours)


Linda Wilson is itinerating now and has plenty of available dates.

Please call the Central Region office at 515-282-6491 or email to schedule a time for missionary Linda Wilson to come visit.  She is available for an entire service, partial service, or for a brief highlight.
We would ask that you honor your missionary guest by providing for her lodging, meals, travel, as well as opportunity for your people to give either in an offering or in monthly support. Some churches will receive an offering toward their expenses and then make a monthly commitment from the church missions/outreach budget. Jesus stated the following in Matthew 10:40 to those he sent out, “He who receives you receives me, and he who receives me receives the one who sent me.”

Open your hearts to receive these who have been sent on behalf of Open Bible Churches!


Chad Bull, Lead Pastor at The Bridge Church in Rochelle, IL, received a Basic License with Open Bible Churches. Pastor Chad and Kristi recently relocated to Rochelle and are building bridges in their community.