Central Region has a team of certified and licensed coaches who are trained to provide coaching for our credentialed ministers and those in the process of receiving credentials as an investment in their ongoing development as a leader.

Coaching is a relational experience between a leader, a coach, and the Holy Spirit.  We use the IDEA model from Leader Breakthru which helps a leader discover what the Holy Spirit is saying and to develop action steps to move the leader forward in life and leadership.

Our Coaches

Ben Carlson

Ben serves as Lead Pastor in West Des Moines, IA and also serves with his wife, Lola, as the Next Generation Directors for Open Bible Central. He has a passion to partner with leaders to help them accomplish their dreams and to raise up the next generation of leaders.

Key areas: Pastors, Leadership Development, Student Ministries, Next Gen, Movement


Phone: 719-225-9828

Lola Carlson

Lola is serving as worship leader in West Des Moines, IA. She also serves with her husband, Ben, as the Next Generation Directors for Open Bible Central. Lola has a passion to pour into leaders to help them fulfill their purpose in Christ by enhancing His kingdom.

Key areas: Worship, Children’s, Student Ministries, Next Gen, Movement


Phone: 719-440-8040

Chad Davidson

Chad is a small business owner, an associate pastor, and a college instructor. He believes everyone has a unique role in God’s kingdom and helps identify what that is and how to live it out by successfully impacting those around you because ministry takes place in all walks of life.

Key areas: Teaching, Self-employment, and Higher Education


Phone: 515-554-5907

Dave Grandon

Dave is a practical and proven lead pastor, currently serving in Manchester, IA. He has provided turn-around leadership in multiple churches as well as leading professional, non-profit, and community boards. He is passionate to see pastors, their families, and congregations thrive through the pressures of church and community life.

Key areas: Pastors, Board leadership, Marketplace leaders, Stewardship, Renovation


Phone: 515-370-5567

Ken Groen

Ken brings over 40 years of ministry experience, including over 25 years as a senior pastor and over 13 plus years as a denominational executive.  He has a love for ministry leaders and families and has a heart for helping people discover their giftings and realize their God-given potential.  

Key areas: Pastors, Leadership Development, Family, Revival


Phone: 515-556-7515

Andy Hansen

Andy was born and raised in Open Bible Churches and currently serves as lead pastor in Kankakee, IL, with his wife, Heidi. He also serves in regional leadership. His passion is to see leaders of all ages raised up to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.

Key areas: Pastoring, leadership, spiritual development


Phone: 815-549-7131

Doug Harris

Doug brings over 30 years of pastoral experience including youth pastoring, church planting, and lead pastoring. He has started several successful companies while serving in ministry. His heart is to help develop leaders so they can take kingdom principles and deposit them in culture, business, and the church.

Key areas: Pastors, youth pastors, church planters, business


Phone: 641-230-1301


Harris Holsapple

Harris has a Masters of Theology degree and has experience serving in a number of capacities in churches and the marketplace. He is serving as lead pastor in Cedar Rapids, IA, where he is leading a growing multi-generational and multi-cultural church. He is passionate about leaders connecting with the Father.

Key areas: Lead Pastor, Staff Pastor, Youth Pastor, Volunteers, Structure, Excellence, Evangelism, Revival


Phone: 319-899-8476

Mark Hornback

Mark has served as a Corporate Coach in the financial industry and now as lead pastor at First Church in Ottumwa, IA, where he has developed a leadership team and structure for future growth. His passion is truly to see people reach their full potential in the marketplace and ministry. 

Key areas: Pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors, marketplace leaders, structure, vision-casting


Phone: 641-777-6844

Michael Johnson

Mike brings four decades of pastoral and evangelistic experience and serves as lead pastor in Mt. Pleasant. Mike has coaching experience in personal evangelism, community outreach, pre-marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, heart to heart preaching with emphasis on the message and the messenger, and how to have better board meetings. 

Key areas: Pastors, Leadership Development, Preaching,


Phone: 319-931-6396

Aaron Keller

Aaron began pastoring right out of Bible College in 2002. He has served as a youth pastor and lead pastor, currently at Sunshine Open Bible in Des Moines, IA, and also serves as national director for MOVE Ministries. He has a unique perspective of leading a building program and relocation.

Key areas: Pastors, Youth Pastors, Facility construction, Special-Needs Parenting


Phone: 515-240-4790

Jaccie Kenyon

Jaccie recently retired after 30 plus years in ministry as pastor’s wife, youth pastor, lead pastor, and regional leadership. She is passionate about guiding others through their next level of growth whether it be in transition, leadership, or encouraging the next generation leader.

Key areas: Pastors, support staff, pastor’s wives, transitions, next generation leaders


Phone: 641-640-0575

Jan Mathews

Jan is experienced in the marketplace and church leadership. She and her husband, Steve, are in ministry with FamilyLife focusing on step families. She also specializes in grief and loss. She loves working with stepmoms and women in relationship challenges with Christ at the center.

Key areas: Leadership, Marriage, Step families, Grief


Phone: 515-205-7540

Steve Mathews

Steve has served in the roles of associate, executive, and lead pastor over many years, both bi-vocationally as well as full-time.  He and his wife, Jan, are in ministry with FamilyLife focusing on blended families. He was a single-parent pastor for several years before blending a new family.

Key areas: Pastoring, Marriage/Family, Adult/single parenting, Organization, Bi-vocational


Phone: 515-494-6565

Bruce Pfadenhauer

Bruce brings 26 years of lead pastor experience and nearly two decades as a coach and consultant to church leaders.  He is passionate about developing the spiritual and structural wings that help eagle leaders and churches soar.  Bruce is the Regional Executive Director of Central Region of Open Bible Churches. 

Key areas: Pastors, leadership development, finances, administration


Phone: 515-782-0495

Robin Pfadenhauer
Randy Richards

Randy brings over 30 years of leadership as worship leader, youth pastor, lead pastor, and church planter.  He has served bi-vocationally and now as lead pastor in Boonville, MO.  He has great experience in facility construction and he believes that relationship building is essential in successful personal and leadership development.  

Key areas: Pastoring, worship, church planting, facility construction, relationships


Phone: 660-537-0665

Jessica Sanford

Jessica has served alongside her husband in the ministry for over two decades. She is passionate about making disciples and helping facilitate the spiritual transformation of those not content with the status quo. She also loves seeing women in ministry, especially pastor’s wives, step into their unique calling.

Key areas: Women, Pastors wives, discipleship


Phone: 515-371-0828

Kevin Starkey

Kevin brings over 30 years of ministry and marketplace experience with a lifetime emphasis on team development and leadership training. He serves as Church Planting Director for Open Bible Central and he brings a wealth of knowledge of the pressures and expectations at all levels of leadership. 

Key areas: Church Planting, Student Ministries, Children’s Ministries, Leadership


Phone: 515-202-8776

Darrick Young

Drawing from nearly 35 years of ministry experience, Darrick coaches and mentors pastors, church planters, and emerging leaders. He is a nationally certified coach with Leader Breakthru. Darrick is lead pastor of Journey Church in Urbandale, Iowa and serves on the Central Region and National boards of Open Bible Churches. 

Key areas: Student ministry, Serving in large church/multi-staff settings, Church planting, Strategic leadership, Creative Communication


Phone: 515-360-8162