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Coaching Agreement

Central Region of Open Bible Churches, as an investment in your personal leadership and ministry, is providing the fees for your coaching. Let’s make the most of this experience in order to see you move to the next level! Central Region will only know your name, dates of coaching appointments, and contact information. Rest assured, the content of your coaching will remain confidential.

Confidentiality: You will need to review our Confidentiality Covenant prior to our first session. Please note the exceptions to the Confidentiality Covenant.

Appointment Procedure: I will contact you by phone, email, or text to set up our first appointment, which will take 45-60 minutes. Coaching will be provided for up to 6 sessions and then the coach and leader may consider an additional 6 sessions, not to exceed 12.

Appointment Changes: If an emergency arises on your part or mine, contact should be made as soon as possible in order to rearrange our schedules.

Concerns: I am committed to your success so if you feel there is some part of our coaching experience that isn’t working, please say so. I will do whatever is necessary to resolve the issue. I will appreciate, respect, and value your honesty.

Evaluation: You may be asked to complete an evaluation of your coaching experience in order to help me strengthen my coaching skills.

If you agree to the above stated arrangements, please type your first and last name in the box provided.