Church Planting Toolbox

Below is a list of items that may help get you started.

Open Bible Manual

Regional Supervision Bylaws

Church Insurance – Through Brotherhood Mutual

Tech Soup – (free account) register at Tech Soup prior to Google Non-Profit. Access to lots of software at non-profit pricing.

Google Domains – ($12/address/year) register or move your domain prior to signing up for Google Non-Profit

Google Non-Profit – (Free) Email using your domain but G-Mails servers, 30GB cloud storage, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Meet (like Zoom), YouTube account, and more.

Google Ad Grants – $10,000 of free Google advertising. Make sure to follow the steps closely.

Quickbooks Online – ($75/year) Available through TechSoup

Microsoft Products including Office – Available through TechSoup

Adobe Creative Suite – Available through TechSoup

Open Bible Churches Financial Cooperation – 5% Church Responsibility, Ministerial Tithe, Mission Venture Plan

Monthly Report – to be sent to Central Region each month.

Compensation and Pastoral Care Options

Grant Application – finances available to church plants from Central Region