In my curiosity, I Googled the word and it said, “a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something”. The beginning of a new year is a great time to look on the horizon and identify the opportunities coming our way. There are three timely opportunities I would encourage you to consider at the start of this year.

The first is COACHING. Central Region has a team of trained, licensed coaches for our pastors and spouses.  They are ready to assist and encourage those who sign up for coaching. The region pays the coach for the sessions they have with you and provide it FREE for our pastors and spouses. This is our investment in you so you can grow to the next level of leading in your personal and professional life. Sign up today for coaching at https://openbiblecentral.org/coaching/.

The second is RE.FRESH. This is an assessment on the health of the local church by a trained facilitator. Churches should periodically assess their health so the church can be best positioned to serve Christ, the church, and their community. This is best accomplished by a combination of inside and outside eyes that take an honest and sincere look at where there is health and celebrate those areas. We also look at where a church’s health can be improved and outline key steps that can bring those areas back to health. Re.fresh looks at both the spiritual and structural components of health. This is provided FREE to our churches. Contact bruce@openbiblecentral.org for more information!

The third is PRAYER. God’s Word speaks directly to the church in numerous passages about praying for one another. We preach and encourage it in our local churches; however, we need that in and among our region as well. Pastor Chad Cummings is our Lead Pastor in Jefferson, IA. He also serves as the West Iowa District Director and is the regional board secretary. Pastor Chad has been walking through a fiery trial. His journal would reflect a similar experience as Job

in the Old Testament. Chad wasn’t feeling well and doctors determined he had an abscess that required surgery. In the process, they found he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and he is hospitalized and receiving treatment for the next 30 days. Chad needs our prayers, asking the Lord to intervene and heal his body.

Also, please pray for Pastors Ron and Kathryn Polson who pastor our church in Oskaloosa, IA. Their home in Des Moines, IA burned (total loss) just days before Christmas. They were insured but they are working to get resettled and readjusted.  Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Partners with you in FUTURE FORWARD and NOW Healthy Churches,

Bruce Pfadenhauer, Regional Director

2023 Mileage Rate

The rates were adjusted up to 65.5 cents per mile effective January 1, 2023.


Madison Walker, twin sister of Kennedy Walker, youth pastor in Boonville, MO and recent OBC credential applicant, passed away unexpectantly on January 1, 2023. Madison’s obituary and service can be found at https://www.howardfh.com/obituary/Madison-Walker.