A Different Kind of Third World
– By Mark Hornback

When Third World countries are mentioned, we automatically think of Haiti, Romania, Pakistan, and many countries throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. By definition, a Third World country is poor, developing, or lacking resources for prosperity. The phrase Third World is from the Cold War and was developed to describe countries left in the wake of the war. It has since included countries that have been devastated with natural disasters and strong dictatorship. Economically speaking a Third World country is filled with impoverished, hungry, and hopeless people.

Spiritually I would say we are facing a different kind of Third World. We live in a world where people are abandoning hope in Christ and pursuing worldly success, fame, fortune, spiritual and physical highs, and validation. In schools and higher education institutions kids and young people are being exposed to godless teaching and silenced from speaking the truth. We see protests in the streets calling for the destruction of Israel in the name of peace. We see foreign governments rising up against faith-based organizations and churches, closing down their places of worship – even going so far as to jail or execute pastors and leaders.

When the Global Mission board decides to travel to nations to meet with our pastors, missionaries, or field director, we get very little pushback when we say we will visit the Caribbean nations, Mexico, or Central America. It is expected we will visit nations that are assumed to be impoverished. However, when we said we were heading to France, people were shocked. The French are known for extravagance, wealth, and the finer things. They are known for incredible food, expensive clothing, and the best wine in the world. You wouldn’t expect to see much of a need. But France is facing extinction as a different kind of Third World country – a spiritual extinction.   continue reading…


Dave Groen, brother of Ken (Nadine) Groen, passed away on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 in Colorado. Services will be held on Thursday, May 9th in Castle Rock, CO.  Here is a link to the obituary

Alice Marie Harris, mother of Pastor Doug (Rachelle) Harris, passed away April 26, 2024 in California. A memorial service will be held at a later time.

Patsy Belle Potter, mother of Pastor Duane (Diane) Potter at Open Bible Church Waterloo, IA, passed away on April 5, 2024. You can view her obituary here.